Thursday, 20March-2014__17:57 ( 1724 views ) - Autogas Offers - Posted by Administrator
Real mechanics and lpg technicians will help you to resolve your problems in their spare time, (normally evening), but this is not a service neither a promise, is a forum where everybody input their bit so pls be patient, Thank you
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Thursday, 20March-2014__17:52 ( 1667 views ) - Clutch - Posted by Administrator
Please post here any query regarding clutches .... of any vehicle
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Monday, 3March-2014__17:07 ( 39386 views ) - OBD Computer Diagnostic - Posted by Administrator
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ OBD2 VEHICLE COMPUTER SCAN OFFER:


 £ 200.00 _ _ _ _ THAT COMES TO: £ 10.00 EACH CAR/CUSTOMER

normal price is £ 35.00).

How does it work?
call us or send us an email or wright a post in this forum (click this thread's head Computerised OBD2 diagnostic and reset ) specifically in this category with the code:
When a total of 20 vehicles will be in the list we will call to organize a date.
It will be asked to customers to come in group of 4 cars every 1.5h, so in 1 day all the tests and mil light reset will be done.
This offer will end on the 15 of March.
If by that date we would not have sufficient cars booked, we will extend the offer of one week, and so on, up to a maximum of 4 weeks extension, there after the offer will be cancelled.

1) MIL light re-setting it may come back if the fault is still present and active in the car.
2) An OBD2 scan diagnostic may not fix the car, but it does an extensive evaluation of the problem the vehicle it may have.
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Thursday, 27February-2014__15:05 ( 1563 views ) - Breaks - Posted by Administrator
Time to time we will put here offers related to break disk, break pads, break fluid replacement.
..... or free abs/srs computerized diagnostic
..... or groups offers

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Thursday, 27February-2014__14:57 ( 1612 views ) - Tyres - Posted by Administrator
Occasionally we have budget tyres discounted in set of 4, so for example, if two of you need 2 tyres only each, just join together and come on the same day and approx same time to use the offer ...... simple.
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Tuesday, 25February-2014__20:31 ( 1629 views ) - Engine repairs - Posted by Administrator
Please post here general engine repairs questions, note that is better to post in the category named as the vehicle make.
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Tuesday, 25February-2014__20:28 ( 1608 views ) - MOT - Posted by Administrator
Please post here any question related to MOTs and for booking please use the Contact form on the left.
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Tuesday, 25February-2014__20:26 ( 1631 views ) - LPG cars for sale - Posted by Administrator
Buyers and sellers, pls post here for any LPG vehicle you need to buy or sale.
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Tuesday, 25February-2014__20:22 ( 1786 views ) - Lpg services - Posted by Administrator
We are enable to carry out LPG Autogas service and repair for almost every make of installation.
Cost varies from £50 to £120, depends from the system.
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Tuesday, 25February-2014__20:19 ( 1640 views ) - Lpg Installations - Posted by Administrator
Soon we will put some LPG installation offers here....
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