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LPG fuel conversion

Getting your car converted.

If you have decided an LPG conversion makes sense and you want to take things further,

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If you are interested in a LPG conversion, a good starting point is to find out whether the process is possible and worthwhile for you.

Key questions to consider are:

_ Can my car be converted?

_ How much will the conversion cost me?

_ Where do I go to get my car converted?

_ Will my insurance company accept the conversion?

Getting your car converted

Most petrol vehicles can be converted, just send us an email, a quote request or write in this forum and we will tell you if the car can be converted. The lpg installation is a fairly straight forward process with costs starting from £750 (indicative price, for a very small engine) and it takes 1-3 days.
We are able to recommend the correct lpg system for your vehicle, as there are over 20 systems on the market and each system works better with specific cars.
As UKLPG (previously called LPGA) approved installers, we are making sure that the right system is used, giving 2-3 years of warranty part and labour.

UKLPG logo link


UKLPG, once called LPGA, is the main UK association which establishes all the rules and regulation for the LPG alternative fuel components installed in a vehicle.
The UKLPG scheme set up in conjunction with the Department for Transport, is the only one to receive official Government recognition, and is the standard for the industry. To qualify as an approved installer, a garage must demonstrate that it has the necessary skills to carry out an LPG conversion in a safe and satisfactory manner. Checks are made to ensure standards are maintained.
This agency is the only authoritative association releasing certificates for the DVLA and Insurances in UK.
It operates in similar way as the MOT test system, behaving as a guarantor to insurances and DVLA for the safety of the Gas components installed in the car.

Drive LPG logo link

Drive LPG is the most important website for customers who have an LPG car.
Here you can check if your vehicle is registered with the UKLPG agency and therefore approved for DVLA registration as an alternative fuel vehicle and certified for insurances.
In this website you can also find a LPG registered installer in your area, just type in your post code and a map of your area will show you the location of the surrounding Autogas Centres.

About Us

Our mechanics are highly experienced on LPG installations as also in problem solving, which guarantee an optimum customer service of the various LPG systems/installations on the market, such as: Prins, BRC, OMVL, Bigas, Landi Renzo, Nicam Koltec, AG, Tartarini, Lovato, Diego, Palla, Stargas, Vogas, Voltran, Aldesa, Emmegas, Bingo, Pegaz, Vialle, KME, Bedini, Marini, Tomasetto, Stefanelli, Leonardo, eTagas, Lo-Gas, Valtek, etc. .
Also we are proud to underline that part of our team as been professionally active seance 1970 when our Garage was founded and seance then we have been an MOT Station with 3 inspectors actively excising, fact that guarantee professionalism and man work at the highest mechanical standard.

Customer Recommendation:

Based on performance, reliability, value for money, customer care, safety, environmental improvement, I found Battersea Autogas at the top-end professionalism converting my Range Rover Vogue 2005 on which I now save money and environment every time I drive it, but the most, still enjoining the same power output as on petrol.
Paul Hall.